Your own e-learning platform

Expand your training offer with online training and reach even more students.

  • Your knowledge
  • Your own platform
  • Our digital expertise

Own training material as a basis

We believe in your expertise as a trainer and professional. That is why we use your material and convert it into an e-learning.


We put the e-learning on your own platform in the house style of your organization.

Exams and certification

At the end of the training, students can take the exam online and earn a certificate.
Also available separately for betting after class training!

Animation videos

We use animation videos to explain concepts. All our animation videos are made in-house.

Other course material

In addition to the animation videos, we use Storyboards, text, mini-games and practical assignments to explain the material.

Screenshots platform

A few examples of our material.

Frequently Asked Questions

We also collaborate with organizations that use e-learning for internal training. We are happy to make separate price agreements for this.
Our partners can offer support with the sale of the e-learning through various online channels.
The exact costs for making this training depend on the content of the training. On average, the investment is recovered after 60-100 e-learning sales. Too high investment? Then choose the 'adavnced' model. See pricing for details.
The voice over for our animations are recorded by our standard voice. Other voice overs are available, contact us for quotes.

Other questions?

Then contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

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Generate more revenue through:

An additional sales channel

Training outside of chargeable hours

Save costs for a trainer

Prices AcademyLab

All prices excluding VAT.

  • €199
  • Per month

  • Own platform
  • Unlimited number of exams (fair use policy)
  • Support with digitizing the exam
  • Purchase
  • PRO
  • Upon request
  • Same as advanced +
  • 100% of the income
  • No costs per sale
  • Suitable for sales and internal e-learning
  • Purchase

Our approach

To a top result

Mapping opportunities

At the first meeting we map out how we can best set up your online offer.

Development of e-learnings

Based on your teaching material, we will start developing the e-learning (s). Hereby we keep close contact so that your quality remains guaranteed.


When everything is ready you can get started to offer your digital platform to your (new) customers.

Our Blogs

Latest news, tips and best practices.

The 5 reasons why an e-learning platform is important for your company

Ramon Huijg Co-owner

'More and more organizations are looking for an e-learning platform because they are starting to realize how impactful and rewarding it can be. It can help organizations become better and stand out from the competition simply because it offers employees excellent opportunities to learn and improve their skills.'

How do you prepare for online teaching?

Hannah Stevens Communications Officer

'Online education is still not emerging and more and more people are using the internet to attend both college and general education. Teaching remotely by webcam is still a relatively new concept, and it takes time to get used to those who have never done it before. Do you want to know how you can prepare for online teaching?'

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